ABIS 2007 - Halle/Saale

15th Workshop on Adaptivity and User Modeling in Interactive Systems, 24.-26.9.2007

Modeling Users and Adaptive Behavior

Nowadays adaptation is seen as the most promising approach to increase the usability of complex modern software. In the recent years, various adaptation techniques have been introduced and seem to work well for specific application contexts.

To enable re-use and comparison of the different techniques, there is a strong need, not only for domain independent adaptation techniques, but also for formal description of the involved models.

Adaptive systems cannot be considered without the user's context, as they interact with and work for the user. To enhance the quality of adaptation, every adaptive system requires a very precise knowledge of the user. This knowledge includes the behavior of the user, e.g. by observing the interactions of the user with the system, to discover the context and the interest of the user.

Therefore, all adaptive systems can benefit from a comprehensive model that describes the behavior of a user, and other relevant information about her.

The ABIS Workshop has been established as a highly interactive forum for discussing the state of the art in personalization and user modeling. Latest developments in industry and research are presented in plenary sessions, forums, and tutorials to discuss trends and experiences. We strive to have a diverse group, varying from young researchers working on Master or Ph.D. level to experts in the field. The workshop aims to provide a platform for exchanging fresh ideas and expertise, and for obtaining feedback on ongoing research.

We welcome submissions from research and industry within the broad area of user modeling and adaptive systems, including:

User models for adaptive systems
Behavior of adaptive systems

The ABIS workshop will take place from September 24 till September 26 as a joint week of workshops on machine learning, knowledge discovery, knowledge management, adaptivity, and user modeling (LWA 2007) in Halle, Germany. Responsible for the organization of the workshop is the SIG ABIS of the German Computer Society.

Important dates

ABIS Workshop: September 24-26, 2007

Submission categories

In order to provide the authors with as much freedom as possible, we do not impose strict submission categories. That being said, we would like to suggest the following flexible guidelines:

Submissions should be formatted according to the LWA 2007 templates for LaTeX and Word.

The workshop language will be English.

Please send your submission in PDF by email to Ingo Brunkhorst, Daniel Krause and Wassiou Sitou (abis2007@l3s.de).

Program Chairs

Ingo Brunkhorst (L3S Research Center, Germany)
Daniel Krause (University of Hannover, Germany)
Wassiou Sitou (Technische Universität München, Germany)

Program Committee

Armen Aghasaryan (Alcatel-Lucent, France)
Mathias Bauer (DFKI GmbH, Germany)
Susanne Boll (Die Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Germany)
Daniel Burgos (The Open University of The Netherlands)
Manfred Broy (Technische Universität München, Germany)
Michael Fahrmair (DoCoMo Euro-Labs, Germany)
Sabine Graf (TU Wien, Austria)
Dominik Heckmann (DFKI GmbH, Germany)
Nicola Henze (University of Hannover, Germany)
Eelco Herder (L3S Research Center, Germany)
Hagen Höpfner (International University in Bruchsal, Germany)
Bhaskar Mehta (L3S Research Center, Germany)
Tsvika Kuflik (University of Haifa, Israel)
Stephan Weibelzahl (National College of Ireland, Ireland)

The election of the Steering Committee of the SIG ABIS of the German Computer Society will be a separate session at this years ABIS Workshop.

Link to the previous ABIS Workshop

Call for Papers and Proceedings of ABIS 2006 (http://events.iis.uni-hildesheim.de/lwa06/abis/default.aspx)

Please do not hesitate to contact the organizers at abis2007@l3s.de for further questions and details.