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Dr. Stefan Brass

Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Information Science and Telecommunications,
University of Pittsburgh


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I am German and speak German, English, and Russian.


I am (very happily!) married since July 1998. My wife (Nina Brass) is from the Republic of Moldova, she speaks Romanian, Russian, Italian, German, and English. You might meet my wife in some of my lectures, she often helps me to prepare the materials, and later gives me hints to improve my teaching. She has worked as a teacher for Russian and Romanian in Moldova. She also has worked as secretary and translator for the bishop of Moldova.

We got child (a girl) on September 13, 2000. Her name is Elisabeth Maria Brass. Of course, she is the most beautiful, intelligent and funny child we know. At the moment (at age 14 months), she does not yet speak German/Romanian/Russian/English, but she understands quite a lot, and she can make VERY clear what she wants. She runs through the entire appartment and has recently learnt how to open drawers. She has also learnt that if she pulls tablecloth, she might be able to get things she normally cannot get.


I am a protestant (Lutheran) christian. My wife is a roman-catholic christian. If you have any questions about our believes, please feel free to ask us. I had a time when I didn't believe in God (many years ago), and was quite depressed then. I am happy now.


I currently have nearly no time for hobbies left.

Stefan Brass (, December 11, 2001

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